MyFunLife Truth!

We have been with MyFunLife in the very beginning, even before My Fun Life had a website.

Since then we have seen many changes with MyFunLife. But over the last 6 months we have watched helplessly as MyFunLife loses key corporate leaders one after another.

Though these guys have been gracious enough to just fade away, but our downlines have seen a hard hit as people start seeing the reasons for leaders leaving the company.

MyFunLife has always claimed to be a Mobile App company, yet after a year and a half they have produced exactly zero apps.

My Fun Life did at one time claim to have a mobile app and it turned out to be just a mobile website.

Now, with so many people leaving, MyFunLife is claiming to launch an alternative energy product and a host of other products.

However, we as with others, have lost faith and are moving on.

As most people know, you can already join an alternative energy company without waiting on MyFunLife. In fact, we along with others have decided to do just that and you can get started for less than $20 per month. Yes, that’s less than what MyFunLife charges to join.
Go see it for yourself


We are not here to bash MyFunLife, just to let people know the history of MyFunLife. You can take a look for yourself.
Below is a snapshot of MyFunLife performance on the internet from You can also use alexa to take a look at other companies.

MyFunLife Warning

As you can see, MyFunLife has continued to decrease in popularity due to the reasons we have stated above.

We wanted to show you this proof from a third party website so that no one can try to lie to you, and accuse us of being less than truthful.

We really wanted to see MyFunLife succeed and thought in the beginning they were on the right track. But things just aren’t looking very promising for the future and there are too many other solid online companies to choose from.

We wish everyone the best!